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Kurt Grover – :

“Keep up the great work! 

This is above and beyond the best conditioner I’ve used in a long time. Big fan of the Tobacco Celeste. Keep up the great work!

Andy E. – :

Soft and fresh beard  

I just started using this beard conditioner. I was using another generic brand that wasn’t really working (with the pirate logo). Now, my beard is noticeably softer.

My beard is pretty short; I trim it using a #2 clipper once per week. It’s been hard for me to keep a short beard soft.
This beard conditioner is the first one I’ve tried that actually softens the beard after the first use.

I love this beard conditioner.”

Andy E. – :

           “This beard shampoo is legit.

“I have beard dandruff that was flaking all over my jacket and shirts. It was embarrassing. This beard shampoo got rid of the dandruff and leaves my short beard soft. My wife commented on it. She asked what I was doing to my beard because it was softer. This beard shampoo is legit.”


Nick Scarpa (freelance filmmaker) Los Angeles, California.

“When my beard hairs stand on end and protest for better living conditions; I appease their cries for mercy with Abraham’s Beard Shampoo. Cause only Abraham’s Beard Shampoo can provide my chin insulation with the nourishment it deserves.”

Kirk Rittenhouse (Business Owner) Laguna Beach, California.

“Been using those samples, the stuff is great. I love it.”

Scott Gronsky (Financial Advisor) Los Angeles, California

“Your beard shampoo is awesome! Been using it for 2 weeks now and I love it! I will need a family-size for my family size beard.”

Jason Wolf (Photographer) Seattle, Washington

“What should a man use to grow a fine beard such as mine? Abraham’s Beard Shampoo. This stuff is all natural and leaves your beard so soft and touchable that when you are not touching it, someone will want to be.”

Bobby Sarvis (Beardsman) South Carolina, USA

“OK so here we go. Got my Abraham’s shampoo in the other day and I must say, it’s one of the best beard shampoo that I’ve used hands down. Your beard will feel very clean and soft. The beard shampoo does not strip your beard from it’s natural oils. To all of my bearded friends, I highly suggest  trying this beard shampoo for yourself, it’s definitely the beard shampoo for me. Yours truly ~BB from The South Carolina Beard Club.”

George Parks (Unknown) New Jersey, USA

“Thank you Abraham, for keeping my beard Fresh and fierce”

Martin Castro (Office Support Specialist) Orange County, California

“Dudes your mustache wax rocks! Thank you for the easy/fast ordering/shipping and great customer service.”